Dalamar, dark elf

Getting his start as Raistlin’s apprentice, he eventually moves up the ladder to head of the black robes

Picture of Dalamar as master of the Tower of High Sorcery, Palanthas

(Picture by from The Art of Dragonlance)

Name: Dalamar

Race: Dark Silvanesti elf, black robe

Books: Legends trilogy, The Magic of Krynn

Quotes: Dalamar’s quote page

Family: none known of

Love(s): Jenna of the red robes

Friends: few and far between

Description: He has the mark of Raistlin’s hand on his smooth elven skin, there are five wounds in the shape of five fingers that trickle blood; he has hard muscles, delicate bone structure

History: Dalamar was born in Silvanesti, and became a mage there, but did not desire to be a white robe. Because the elves are not allowed even to become red robes, he left and became a black robed dark elf. He became Raistlin’s apprentice and sole companion at the Tower in Shoikan grove. He helped Raistlin when Raistlin went back in time by filling him in on information whenever Raistlin contacted him. When Raistlin was sent into the Abyss he became ruler of the Tower of Palanthas. As ruler he had many apprentices and mages living there. He also had a mistress, Jenna, who owned a magic shop in the city, making the Tower a pretty happening place under Dalamar. He gave Palin his test (with Raistlin’s aide), and helped out with the Chaos War. He later became head of the black robes.

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