Crysania, head cleric of Paladine

Crysania goes from woman of stone to woman of compassion when she is blinded in order to truly see.

Picture of Raistlin looking cool with Crysania clinging to him

Crysania with Raistlin

(Picture by from the cover of Time of the Twins)

Name: Crysania of Tarinius, Revered Daughter of Paladine

Race: human, head cleric of Paladine

Books: Legends, Tears of the Night Sky

Quotes: Crysania’s quote page

Family: parents, implied husband Valin

Love(s): Raistlin and Valin

“She said, ‘I’m cold, Valin. Will you share your blanket?’

He smiled. She felt it against her mouth as he kissed her, his lips curving against hers. ‘I know another way to get warm,’ he said.

She touched him, running her hand along his arm until she caught his big hand in hers. He shivered, not from cold.

‘Show me,’ She said, as the rain poured down and the wind prowled lonely outside the little cave.

Gently he took her in his arms.” (309)

Friends: Elistan, Raistlin, Valin

Description: Intelligent and strong willed, Crysania is very beautiful, with black hair (“her hair was black, blue-black, black as the water of a calm sea at night.” Time of the Twins, p. 10), marble white skin, pale and delicate features, gray eyes that seem too big, bloodless lips, and thin body. Before her time in the Abyss she has a very pristine, but cold look about her. She has a long, masculine stride, and firm handshake.

History: Crysania is raised by rich parents in Palanthas, but does not go onto the life expected for her (get married to a rich man, having a family, etc.) because she is moved by a cleric of Paladine. She decides to become a cleric of Paladine herself, but is cold, she wants goodness, but is so wrapped up in her desire for goodness that she does not see what is going on around her. Raistlin tells her that they can go back in time together and eradicate the evil goddess Takhisis, and she believes him and agrees to help. They travel back in time together, and eventually go through the portal together. While back in time the two of them fall in love. She saves his life in the Abyss many times, and when she is lying there dying she finally understands that he will leave her, because his magic is more important than his love (later he comes back from the Abyss and asks about her, but it’s a little late). She is saved from the Abyss, but goes blind. It is through her blindness that she finally sees and learns to help people.

Picture of old Crisania with Valin as white tiger

Crysania with Valin (as a tiger)

(Picture by from the cover of Tears of the Night Sky)

She becomes the head cleric of Paladine and begins a campaign to unite mages and clerics. During the Chaos War she goes off on a mission to -guess what- stop a bunch of evil people and save the world! (Never seen that in Dragonlance before!) She falls in love with Valin, the main white robed mage she was working with, who was a white tiger during the Chaos War. She finally gets a chance to take off her robe (literally and metaphorically!) and have a normal life.

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