Blister Nimblefingers

Blister is well known for her collection of gloves, which protects her hands which were disfigured by a magic trunk she attempted to open. She’s unusually cautious for a kender because of the trunk accident.

Name: Blister Vera Jay Niblefingers

Race: kender

Books: The Fifth Age Trilogy

Quotes: Blister’s quote page

Family: None

Love(s): None

Friends: Raph and the Fifth Age crew

Description: Blister is a neat and tidy kender, who has an astounding collection of gloves to cover the scars on her hands from when she opened a magic trunk.

History: Blister comes into the Fifth Age Trilogy when she meets Raph. The two kender fast become friends when they meet outside the tomb of the last heroes; joining Dhamon Grimwulf and eventually the rest of the Fifth Age crew on their quest to save Krynn from the dragon overlords. Blister is upset when Raph dies, because she feels responsible for not taking care of him.

Psychology of Blister: Blister might almost be described as an afflicted kender. She’s not fearful for herself, but she is cautious. She has felt the effects of kenderness gone astray with her own hands, which have a great impact on her daily life, requiring the use of her gloves. She’s lost the childlike state that we love about kender, and, like afflicted kender she seems almost human. She watches out for Raph, and wants to protect him from what is most dangerous to every kender– himself. She is unable to do so, and sees it as a personal failing- she did not pass the lesson that she had learned on to Raph. Raph himself, would have consoled her by telling her that death is the last great journey for any kender, and that he had fun, and that was all that mattered. Perhaps if she had had him to say this to her, she would have been reminded that life’s just supposed to be fun. Perhaps not, the injury to her hands forever destroyed the carefree kender she had once been.

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