Alhana Starbreeze

Bold, bright, and beautiful, Alhana Starbreeze is the daughter of the Speaker of the Stars in Silvanesti. She is strong and uses her strength well in the War of the Lance and the years that follow.

Name: Alhana Starbreeze, called “Muralasa” (Princess of the night) by the elves

Race: Silvanesti elf

Books: Dragons of the…

Quotes: Alhana’s quote page

Family: Mad father, Lorac; husband, Porthos; son, Silvan.

Love(s): Sturm Brightblade, husband Porthos

Friends: Alhana befriends the Companions, and after the war joins Laurana and Tanis in trying to join the kingdoms.

Description: Alhana is strikingly beautiful, with soft, black hair, pale skin, deep purple eyes, and deep red lips.

History: Alhana is daughter of the Speaker of the Stars. Alhana must leave her father, who is possessed by the dragon orb, and try to save the kingdom of Silvanesti, which is warped by the dragon orb. She falls in love with Sturm Brightblade, and gives him a Starjewel, a gift between elven lovers that binds the souls of the lovers. She knows that she will not be able to marry him, but is still terribly saddened when he dies. She later marries Porthos in an effort to unite Silvanesti and Qualinesti, but does not love him at first. They have a child, Silvan, which is the joint between the kingdoms, but they are unable to throne him. Elves in Qualinesti and Silvanesti, disliking the link between the kingdoms, abduct Alhana and Porthos, each blaming the other kingdom. In Qualinesti Tanis and Laurana‘s son is crowned king. Silvan is later crowned in Silvanesti. Alhana has been thrown out as a Dark elf, and is forced to spend her time in caves and army camps, raising her son and not often seeing Porthios.

Psychology of Alhana: Alhana grew up privileged, entrenched in the beliefs of Silvanesti superiority, and enclosed in her own world. The War of the Lance force her and so many others outside of that protected sphere, and allowed her to see the nobility of others, such as the knight Sturm Brightblade, who she fell in love with. She knew that it was a love that would never be accepted, and that she had a duty to lead her people. When she marries Porthos, she does it out of duty. She is seen by many as cold. This is first caused by her perceptions of her superiority, and because she has not had anything to love. When Sturm dies, she tries to hide her pain, and by doing so, she continues to appear withdrawn. Her bond with Porthios becomes caring and companionable, even blooms into love, which her closest officers and son see. She cares deeply for her son, and is overprotective, because she has seen the dangers of the world and watched her father die from his own pride (which Silvan is filled with).

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