Margaret Weis

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Short biography as of July, 2002: Margaret Weis wrote an enormous amount of books (I got tired just copying them!) and edited still more. She and Tracy Hickman are like the parents of Dragonlance. Chaos may have made Paladine, Gilean, and Takhisis, but MW and TH made Chaos. MW describes herself as divorced and remarried with two children, David and Elizabeth Baldwin (who are both off doing fantasy work) and three adventurous sounding cats and a couple of dogs. She also mentions living in a converted barn in Wisconsin (every reader who’s checked the bios in the back of her books is probably familiar with the converted barn). She also runs a game store with husband Don Perrin, at If you buy something they’ve written they’ll sign it for you. I think I have to re-buy all of my Dragonlance books now. Their store is located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (Finally! A reason for vegans to go to Wisconsin!)

Name: Margaret Weis

Dragonlance Books: Dragons of Autumn Twilight (co-author Tracy Hickman), Dragons of Winter Night (co-author Tracy Hickman), Dragons of Spring Dawning (co-author Tracy Hickman), Second Generation (co-author Tracy Hickman), Dragons of Summer Flame (co-author Tracy Hickman), Time of the Twins (co-author Tracy Hickman), War of the Twins (co-author Tracy Hickman), Test of the Twins (co-author Tracy Hickman), Dragons of a Fallen Sun (co-author Tracy Hickman), Dragons of a Fallen Sun (co-author Tracy Hickman), Dragons of a Lost Star (co-author Tracy Hickman), The Soulforge, Brothers in Arms (co-author Don Perrin)

Dragonlance Stories:

Other Books: Wanted: Frank and Jesse James, the Real Story, Thanksgiving, Computer Graphics (co-author Gary Pack), Robots and Robotics (co-author Gary Pack), The Boys Who Saved the Children, Kisses of Death, Fortune Telling, Lost Childhood (co-author Janet Pack), Riddle of the Griffin (As Susan Lawson co-author Roger Moore), Endless Catacombs, an Endless Quest book, The Tower of Midnight Dreams, The Lost King, King’s Test, King’s Sacrifice, Ghost Legion, Forging the Darksword (co-author Tracy Hickman), Doom of the Darksword (co-author Tracy Hickman), Triumph of the Darksword (co-author Tracy Hickman), Darksword Adventures (co-author Tracy Hickman), Legacy of the Darksword (co-author Tracy Hickman), The Will of the Wanderer (co-author Tracy Hickman), The Paladin of the Night (co-author Tracy Hickman), The Prophet of Akran (co-author Tracy Hickman), Dragon Wing (co-author Tracy Hickman), Elven Star (co-author Tracy Hickman), Fire Sea (co-author Tracy Hickman), Serpent Mage (co-author Tracy Hickman), The Hand of Chaos (co-author Tracy Hickman), Into the Labyrinth (co-author Tracy Hickman), The Seventh Gate (co-author Tracy Hickman), The Mantle of Kendis-Dai (co-author Tracy Hickman), Nightsword (co-author Tracy Hickman), Water from the Well of Darkness (co-author Tracy Hickman), Knights of the Black Earth (co-author Don Perrin), Robot Blues (co-author Don Perrin), Hung Out (co-author Don Perrin), Testament of the Dragon (co-author, David Baldwin), Dark Heart (co-author, David Baldwin)



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