Mary Kirchoff

Short biography as of July, 2002: Mary Kirchoff says (on the Wizards of the Coast page) that “She’d like to think she provides the impartial wisdom of Par-Salian, the courage of Laurana, the heart of Crysania, and the strength of Sturm (though she’s probably more like Crysania there, too).” She’s head of the Wizards of the Coast book publishing division.

Name: Mary Kirchoff

Dragonlance Books: Kendermore, Flint the King (with Douglas Niles), Wanderlust (with Steve Winter), The Black Wing, Night of the Eye, The Medusa Plague, The Seventh Sentinel, The Shadow King (with Scott Siegal)

Dragonlance Stories:

Other Books: Light on Quests Mountain, Portrait in Blood, Knight of Illusion, Vision of Doom

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