Douglas Niles

Short biography as of July, 2002: Douglas Niles gave up teaching high school to design games, which have won awards from Wells and Origins. He lives in Wisconsin and writes full time. He has a wife and two children.

Name: Douglas Niles

Dragonlance Books: Flint the King (with Mary Kirchoff), Emperor of Ansalon, The Kinslayer Wars, The Kagonesti, The Dragons, The Last Thane, The Puppet King, Fistandantilus Reborn, The Odyssey of Gilthanis (with Steve Miller), The Messanger, The Golden Orb

Dragonlance Stories:

Other Books: Pawns Prevail, Suitors Duell, Immortal Game, The Corel Kingdom, Prophet of Moonshae, The Druid Queen, Ironhelm, Viperhand, Feathered Dragon, Dark Walker on Moonshae, Black Wizards, Darkwell, Horror on the Hill, Tarzan and the Well of Slaves, Fox on the Rhine, Seeds of Chaos, Chaos Spawn, Circle at Center, World Fall, A Breach At the Watershed, Darkenheight, War of Three Waters

Webpage: This isn’t written by Douglas Niles, but I think it is written by friends.

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